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Preventive Dentistry Advice for a Healthier Holiday Season

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Your teeth and gums may not be at the fore front of your mind as the holidays approach, but if you don’t stop to think about your dental health now, you could be in for a painful New Years. However, there’s plenty you can do to avoid tooth decay and infection this holiday season. Take note of our Healthy Holiday Tips, and then call Dr. Michalski to get preventive dentistry appointments for you and your family today. Dr. Michalski can provide the preventive dental care that will keep pain and sensitivity at bay this season. Dr. Michalski proudly serves families throughout Ricky Hill, CT, Hartford, Wethersfield, Cromwell, Newington, Berlin, and the surrounding communities.

Preventive Dentistry Healthy Holiday Tips

The holiday season can be a dangerous time of year for your family’s dental health. But there are several easy ways to combat these dental dangers. First, try not to do a lot of snacking in between meals. Even if you indulge in sugary desserts, it’s best to do so after eating a full healthy meal, rather than snacking throughout the day. This reduces the total amount of time your teeth are exposed to harmful sugary residue. Next, keep a pack of sugar free gum handy. Not only will chewing gum create the excess saliva needed to wash away bacteria, it also contains the ingredient Xylitol. Xylitol has been shown to help fight the bacteria that cause cavities and decay. Finally, increase your dairy intake. Drinking a glass of low fat milk, or eating a piece of cheese, after consuming something sugary, can wash away the excess sugars. Dairy products also contain the calcium and vitamin D needed to keep your teeth strong and healthy .

Preventive Dentistry Appointments in Rocky Hill, CT

Do your teeth a favor, and make a holiday preventive dental care appointment today. Dr. Michalski is a highly qualified family and general dentist that can help you keep your family safe and healthy year round. Dr. Michalski proudly restores smiles daily throughout Ricky Hill, CT, Hartford, Wethersfield, Cromwell, Newington, Berlin, and nearby areas.