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Preventive Dentistry

Your trusted Rocky Hill family dentist, Thaddeus S. Michalski, DMD, strongly believes in taking a preventive approach to dental care, so you can enjoy a healthy, vibrant smile for life. Our preventive dentistry program of continuing care can, in the long term, be the most valuable service we offer our patients. More than just “cleanings,” regular hygiene visits allow us to monitor your oral health and catch problems early when they’re easier and less expensive to repair. We will also take the time to introduce you to the latest oral hygiene homecare products and the best possible at-home oral healthcare techniques.

Designed for patients of all ages, our preventive care services range from regular checkups to TMJ therapy for headaches and migraines. Younger patients benefit from dental sealants, which are clear coatings that prevent decay on hard-to-reach back teeth. If you grind your teeth or play sports, consider a custom-made mouthguard designed to protect your smile from damage. Your family deserves a well-qualified dental team who is committed to your overall health and wellness. Backed by a team of dedicated professionals, Dr. Michalski provides the comprehensive care you need to maintain a natural smile that serves you well throughout your lifetime. When you’re ready to get started down the path to a lifetime of exceptional oral health, call our dental office in Rocky Hill. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Dr. Michalski and our Rocky Hill dental team have always believed that the best patients are those who are educated and informed about their oral healthcare needs. When you feel confident and assured, visiting our dental office becomes much less stressful. That’s why we use the CAESY patient education system. This system gives you access to numerous education articles and videos to help you better understand almost any aspect of your oral health.



Your two dental checkups each year are the backbone of any preventive dentistry plan. During these biannual visits, you’ll receive diagnostic images,a patient receiving preventive care a careful examination and screening for warning signs of oral health concerns, a thorough professional teeth cleaning, and a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Michalski to discuss areas for concern and potential treatment options.


We utilize digital x-rays that expose patients to less radiation, deliver clearer images more quickly, and can be easily reviewed year after year. You and Dr. Michalski can both examine these images instantly on our chairside monitors. we can compare your previous x-rays to the new ones, so any changes to your oral health are noticed right away. Best of all, when you do need treatment that requires work with a lab or dental specialist, these x-rays can be instantly delivered to those providers for faster service.



Many people think if they brush and floss every day, professional hygiene visits aren’t necessary. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. Even the most diligent tooth brusher and flosser may miss bacteria or food particles lurking deep inside the tiniest pits and grooves in teeth. Within 12 hours,a patient in the dentist's chair the plaque produced by bacteria in these tiny crevices can start to harden, forming tartar (also called calculus) that needs to be professionally removed to ensure it doesn’t weaken the tooth enamel. During your six month oral hygiene appointment, we’ll thoroughly clean the smile, removing plaque and tartar buildup. Our hygiene team can also help you to improve your at-home hygiene routine, so don’t hesitate to ask!


We love working with patients of all ages, and we regularly provide care for young children. We work hard to make dental care a little more convenient. Don’t hesitate to ask about scheduling appointments for yourself and your children on the same day for optimal convenience. Our goala child learning about dental care when working with younger patients is to develop positive associations with visiting the dental office. We take our time, treat kids with a gentle hand, and make sure to answer all their questions. Our team wants your child to feel safe, comfortable, and right at home when they visit us.



Dental sealants are an easy to apply protective coating that seals pits and grooves in teeth, helping to prevent tooth decay. They are typically recommended for children who are still developing their oral hygiene skills, but they can also be beneficial for adults with chronic tooth decay or weakened enamel. We usually place them on the back teeth, or molars, but they can be applied to any part of the smile. Once in place, dental sealants can usually remain intact, protecting your smile for several years.



We utilize the NTI-tss oral appliance to protect your smile, reduce nighttime teeth grinding and clenching, and prevent chronic migraines that often occur due to this unconscious habit. The small appliance simply fits over the front teeth, and it allows for discreet but effective care. In a study, 82% of users experienced significant (77% or greater) reduction in migraine days when using the NTI-tss appliance.



Nighttime teeth grinding and clenching may seem like just a harmless bad habit, but it can actually cause serious damage to your smile. We use custom-crafted oral appliances to place a protective barrier between the rows of teeth, preventing damage and wear to teeth and reducing your risk for TMJ dysfunction and chronic migraines.



In many cases, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction occurs due to an improperly seated bite that places excess pressure on the TMJ, whicha woman receiving dental care are tiny joints that connect the jaw to the skull bone. We utilize non-surgical bite splint therapy to properly position the jaw to alleviate pressure on the TMJ, reducing discomfort and improving function.



Any athletes who participate in athletic events where their smiles may come in contact with other players, sports equipment, or hard surfaces should be wearing a mouthguard. These oral appliances can be custom made by our team to ensure comfort and improve protection for any athlete.



Cold sores can be painful, unsightly, and difficult to remove. Luckily for our patients, you can stop covering your mouth until your cold sore heals. Instead, ask about laser treatment in our office. This soft tissue laser therapy is quick and comfortable. If you struggle with chronic cold sores, this may be an ideal solution to help diminish time spent dealing with the pain of these sores.