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Rocky Hill Gentle Dentist

If you’ve had a difficult or painful experience at the dentist in the past, Dr. Michalski can help. He is a gentle dentist who knows how frightening it can be for some patients to come in for dental care. But, he also knows it doesn’t have to be that way. Even the most anxious patient can have a good experience at the dentist’s office with a caring provider. When you are comfortable coming in for cleanings and other dental care, your oral health will improve, and your smile will be more beautiful.

Gentle dentistry is more than just a good chairside manner. We offer Apple TV and headphones that you can enjoy while Dr. Michalski works. Staying distracted and entertained during your appointment will help you feel calm.

a gentle dentist patient who received sedation

Gentle Dentistry with Sedation

If novocain hasn’t worked for you in the past, you might feel that pain is inevitable at the dentist. The relationship between pain and fear is complex. When you are nervous, you feel pain more acutely. That’s why sedation works so well with novocain to give patients a pain-free experience. Once you’re sedated, you probably won’t even feel the injection. Dr. Michalski can use oral medicine to sedate you.

Oral sedation is simple. Dr. Michalski will prescribe a pill for you to take before your appointment. This pill will make you feel sleepy.  You’ll still be conscious and able to breathe on your own, but you will be deeply relaxed, and you probably will not remember the appointment. Another option is IV sedation, which is stronger than oral sedation.

Our supportive and empathetic staff is here to make sure your time with us is relaxed and stress-free. To make an appointment with Dr. Michalski, a gentle dentist, please call (860)563-4544. You can also request an appointment using our online form, and we will call you.