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Dear Dr. Michalski and Team,

Sincere thanks for the lovely floral arrangement. What a nice surprise. It continues to be my pleasure toa letter from a patient refer you to friends as I have always found my experience with you and your staff quite delightful. You have assembled a terrific team! All the best,
Diane R.

Dear Dr. Michalski, Maria, Sheralin

I wanted to thank you all so very much for helping me with my tooth issue on the 16th.  I received a message that Dr. Michalski wanted to try to prescribe me something if I did not get into Uconn.  I felt important from all of you and wanted to thank ALL of you.  You are all so very kind.a letter from a patient

Jennifer S.

I felt right from the beginning of my treatment that I was in good hands with Dr. Michalski.  I now have “teeth for life,” and I never get tired of being told how nice my teeth look and how nice my smile is.a letter from a patient

Thanks so much,
Cindy L.

I pursued cosmetic dental treatment in order to restore my teeth to their previous condition and appearance.  I had always had nice teeth and an attractive smile, but in my late forties, my teeth began moving, which affected both my bite and my appearance.  I ended up getting braces in order to re-align my teeth.  In this process, my bite was adjusted as well—resulting in a space in my top teeth.  In addition, because of the bite issue and the fact that I tend to grind and/or clench my teeth, I’d chipped one of my front teeth, which had to be filed down.  So, Dr.a letter from a patient Michalski’s task was to restore the filed tooth and to close the gap in my top teeth.  It was decided that this would be best done with four porcelain veneers.

The treatment process was very positive.  Dr. Michalski consulted on an on-going basis with my orthodontist throughout the planning and implementation process.  All of my options were well explained to me, as were the steps that would be taken.  It was easy to schedule appointments at times that were convenient for me.  All of the office staff members were pleasant and helpful.  Dr. Michalski and the staff ensured that I was as comfortable as possible during (and after) the actual dental procedures.

The results are excellent.  I look like “me” again—my teeth look very nearly the same as they had originally.  People that I’ve seen recently, but hadn’t seen me since all the changes began occurring, don’t even realize there ever was a change!
Nancy J.

I have had restoration to my chipped front teeth, replacement of two teeth with two fixed bridges and the replacement of worn silver fillings.letter from a patient

I have gotten many complements on my smile; it is one of the first things people notice about me.


I love my smile. That is, I love it now. I have always had relatively straight teeth—until I turned forty, at which time my teeth started to shift and become crooked. I was not pleased. Dr. Michalski advised me toletter from a patient try Invisalign. Nineteen months worked magic. I then started a course of whitening. The last step was replacing my thirty year old unsightly fillings, and I needed a crown. Suffice to say, I am less than courageous in the dentist chair. With a combination of patience, state of the art equipment, and a great stereo system, I made it through five hours of dental work. The end result was perfectly white teeth and a great smile. The knowledge of Dr. Michalski and the kind, patient, and very caring staff allowed me to overcome my fears and achieve a look that I’m very, very pleased with.

Thank you, Dr. Michalski, for your patience and wisdom, and thanks to everyone on your staff for their support and hand-holding during my treatment. A special thanks to Maria who is always helpful, pleasant, polite, and witty when I walk in the door.
Cara W.

Dr. Ted,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your advice. It’s a wonderful feeling to look into the mirror and want to smile. letter from a patientThere has been such an improvement in my appearance. I would have the procedures done again, if needed, in a minute.

Coburn K.

Before I saw Dr. Michalski in 2003, I was experiencing serious problems with my teeth.  I avoided eating certain foods because they were too hard to chew and I would often experience deep, gnawing pain.  My family has a history of dental problems and I thought it was just a matter of time before I lost my teeth like others in my family did.a letter from a patient

After several visits the doctor laid out a comprehensive restoration plan that included multiple implants, crowns, and rebuilding several teeth with deep cavities.  In conjunction with the restoration the doctor’s staff worked with me to be more diligent about home dental hygiene and diet.

The work was completed in 2005 and my teeth have been problem free ever since.  If you were to ask me which of my teeth are implants—I couldn’t tell you! It’s nice to feel comfortable about your smile or be able to chew food without any discomfort.  I’m very grateful to Dr. Michalski and his courteous, professional staff.
Fred S.

I am 51 years old and a cancer survivor.  Dr. Michalski has done complete reconstruction on my mouth.  He provided the best treatment that has ever been offered to me.  His staff are very caring and professional.  After so much chemo, radiotherapy, and a stem cell transplant, I have my smile back and I feel more healthy.a letter from a patient
Janina B.

Dear Dr. Michalski and Staff,

I felt compelled to write you and tell you how happy I am with my decision to get Invisalign and teeth whitening.  I work in pharmaceutical sales and constantly meet new people every day.  A first impression is the most lasting impression in the minds of my customers.  I need to portray confidence and be upbeat at all times.  I have always been concerned that people noticed my extreme crowding and the dull color of my teeth when I smiled, and it caused me to be self conscious when meeting new people.  Not anymore!  I couldn’t be more pleased with my results.  Many of my customers and friends comment on how great my smile looks, and it has raised my confidence.a letter from a patient

I also feel that you and your staff did an excellent job in truly listening to what I desired in terms of results, and put together a treatment plan that addressed all of my concerns.  It is very obvious during my appointments that you and your staff truly love what you do and will not be satisfied with anything less than perfection.  Everyone in the office also did a great job of explaining to me my treatment options, what to expect ahead of time, and made me feel very comfortable to call you personally anytime, day or night, with any questions or concerns I may have experienced along the way.

I have to admit, I was skeptical about the hours per day and months of commitment to the Invisalign process, but am truly impressed with the results.  I am so glad I chose this route instead of braces.  Thanks for everything; you have a patient for life!

Jason L.

Dr. Michalski, I am writing to thank you.  Your staff and your new green facility are unparalleled.  Your efficiency, thoroughness, and painless dentistry are much appreciated by my family and myself.  I will happily continue to refer anyone in need of a dentist to you.a letter from a patient

Thank you,
James R.

I pursued treatment for my teeth after a very long time of putting everyone else first.  I needed a lot of work and was not sure what I was going to do.  With the options I was given by Dr. Thaddeus Michalski and the confidence from him on how it would look, I decided to get implants for my lower teeth and I am not a bit sorry I did.  This has certainly been one of the most positive life altering experiences for me.a letter from a patient

The treatment process was lengthy but then I was in hurry since I could not chew anything for a year.  I appreciate the time it took now because obviously everything had to be precise.

The staff was and is phenomenal.  The atmosphere in the office is very professional, enthusiastic, welcoming, and most of all friendly.  I really appreciate the caring environment.

The final process was well worth my wait. The numerous compliments I have received from friends, coworkers, and family are immeasurable.  It has been quite a new concept to chew, laugh, and smile with confidence that I did not have before.  A smile makes a big difference!  Thank you for helping me obtain the smile.

Katherine S.

“It is proven that smiling increases your lifespan.”  For years I was very self conscious when I smiled.  I never gave it a second thought until Dr. Michalski suggested I improve my smile.  He has that gift to make people look good when they smile, and he gave that gift to me.  It is so nice whena letter from a patient people comment on what a beautiful smile you have.  I quickly and proudly tell them that I have a fantastic dentist, Dr. Michalski.  I am very pleased with his work. I can’t stop smiling.

Roccy F.

I was looking for a treatment plan for my lower teeth. After discussion with Dr. Michalski, we decided on crowns. The procedure was done and completed in a timely manner.

I am satisfied with the end result and would recommend Dr. Michalski and his staff to anybody needing this type of treatment.
Thomas A.