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Will Dental Bonding Help Fluorosis Stains on My 5th Grader’s Teeth?

Posted by AllSmiles

A 5th grader covering her mouth, portraying the need for cosmetic dentistry due to fluorosis stainsMy daughter just finished fourth grade. Now that it’s summer, I want to do something about the fluorosis stains on her teeth. Her bottom front teeth are pretty yellow, and her upper front teeth are blotchy. Her left front tooth has a jagged side. My daughter is wearing braces but is so self-conscious about her smile. The braces bring attention to her teeth, and the discoloration is noticeable. What are our options? Our pediatric dentist recommended waiting until my daughter is a teenager, but I don’t think that’s wise for her self-image. Will dental bonding help fluorosis stains on my 5th grader’s teeth?

Thanks. Daneen from TX


A cosmetic dentist can conceal fluorosis stains. However, the treatment recommendation varies depending on stain severity. Concealing fluorosis stains requires advanced training and technical and artistic ability. Most general and family dentists lack the training needed to produce natural-looking results.

What Causes Fluorosis Stains?

Factors that can cause fluorosis stains include community drinking water with too much fluoride, untreated well water, or consuming too many fluoride supplements. Swallowing too much fluoride toothpaste can also cause tooth stains.

How Are Fluorosis Stains Treated?

A cosmetic dentist treats fluorosis stains based on their severity.

Mild stains

Mild fluorosis creates white teeth stains. A skilled cosmetic dentist can apply dental composite to conceal the spots.

Extensive stains

Extensive stains require porcelain veneers. A skilled cosmetic dentist will design veneers that mimic natural tooth color, shade, and translucency.


Yellow teeth stains without blotches may not be fluorosis. However, a dentist can determine the cause of the stains. A cosmetic dentist may bleach the teeth before recommending dental bonding or porcelain veneers.

Orthodontic Treatment and Fluorosis Stains

A cosmetic dentist will recommend when and how to treat your daughter’s fluorosis stains while in orthodontic treatment. Schedule a consultation with a dentist who enjoys treating children and has advanced cosmetic dentistry training.

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