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What to Expect on Your First Visit

When you visit Radiant Smiles of Rocky Hill for the first time, you’ll park in our spacious private lot. At the front desk, we will greet you by name and welcome you to the practice. After we collect your insurance information, you’ll have a seat in our sunny, well-appointed reception area. Please enjoy a complimentary selection of tea, coffee, and chilled bottled water.

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Soon you’ll be escorted to the consultation room. There, you will meet a friendly dental assistant who will review your medical history and ask you some questions about your oral health. You’ll also watch a short video explaining what to expect from your dental care. You probably won’t have a dental cleaning at this visit. That’s usually scheduled for a different day.

Next, we’ll give you a tour of the rest of the office. We have five treatment rooms, a sterilization room, and an in-house laboratory. We’re proud of our office because it’s not just pleasant and welcoming—it’s also sparkling clean and technologically advanced.

Once you’re seated in a treatment room, you’ll meet Dr. Michalski. You can share all your dental concerns with him and discuss your goals for treatment. The doctor will prescribe x-rays, which his assistant will take with a digital x-ray machine. This device emits a fraction of the radiation that traditional x-ray equipment does and enables us to capture a complete view of all your teeth and surrounding structures. Dr. Michalski’s assistant will also take photographs of your teeth and measure your blood pressure. Afterward, Dr. Michalski will return to do a comprehensive dental exam.

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We may use an intraoral camera to look inside your mouth during the exam. We’ll share these images with you. When you see a dentist’s view of your teeth, it can be easier to understand your dental needs.


Our office is a calming environment, lightly scented by diffusers and offering serene views of Connecticut greenery from our picture windows. In the exam room, you can watch an Apple TV mounted above you and listen with headphones. We encourage you to relax during your appointment.

Green Dentistry

At Radiant Smiles of Rocky Hill, we value the environment. Dr. Michalski has invested in ecologically friendly technology, such as a solar array that provides more than half of our energy needs. That’s just one of our green dentistry innovations.

Your first visit will take about 90 minutes. To schedule it, call us at (860) 563-4544 or request an appointment using this form.