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My New Partial Denture Burns My Tongue

My tongue has been burning since I got a new partial denture last November. It burns beneath my tongue and on my lips. I also have bad taste. My dentist suspects a metal allergy and recommends a $4,500 bridge instead. He also gave me liquid lidocaine to numb my mouth. I know that’s not a solution, but I wanted to describe what’s happening completely. Is a dental bridge my only alternative? – Thank you. Sona from IL



You’re right. Liquid lidocaine is not a solution to the burning sensation on your tongue and lips. We are concerned with your dentist’s diagnosis and treatment options.

A skilled dentist knows the alternatives to a metal-based partial dentist. One option is the Valplast partial.

What Is a Valplast Partial Denture?

Valplast partial denture for replacing lower front teeth
Valplast partial denture

A Valplast partial denture is a denture with a thermoplastic resin framework. Thermoplastic resin is stronger and more flexible than acrylic. It may be a tooth replacement solution if you are allergic to metal-based dental restorations. Although we are unaware of allergic reactions to Valplast, it is not impossible to be allergic to it.

Ask your dentist whether you can benefit from a Valplast partial denture or another thermoplastic resin denture.

What If You’re Allergic to Your Partial Denture?

If you suspect a reaction to your partial denture, we recommend testing from an allergist. Ask your dentist about the metal content of your existing denture and the contents of alternative partial dentures, including acrylic. Nickel in dental materials is the most common allergen. Test results from the allergist can help you find a biocompatible solution.

If your dentist cannot recommend a non-metal partial denture, schedule a second opinion with an advanced cosmetic dentist to discuss your options. A dental bridge should not be necessary. Also, a bridge requires work on teeth adjacent to the missing one. Although it costs more, a dental implant is a healthier, long-lasting solution for a missing tooth. Nevertheless, a cosmetic dentist can explain your tooth replacement options after allergy testing.

Dr. Thaddeus Michalski, a Rocky Hill, Connecticut dentist and Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, sponsors this post.

Which Crowns Can Hide a Dark Front Tooth?

The porcelain fused to metal crowns on my center front teeth are 20 years old and look like it. I love to smile and want to know the best crown types. One tooth is dark from a root canal. What crowns should I ask for? Thanks. TJ



Cosmetic dentists use all-ceramic crowns to produce beautiful results that even a trained specialist can’t distinguish from natural teeth. Any all-ceramic option will withstand the forces of biting with your front teeth. Your choice of a cosmetic dentist is more important than the crown selection. Look for a dentist with keen artistic ability and allow them to choose ceramic crowns. Advanced cosmetic dentists collaborate with a master ceramist who knows dental materials and can recommend a crown type based on your surrounding teeth and the condition of the teeth beneath the crowns.

How Can a Crown Conceal a Dark Front Tooth?

A cosmetic dentist will prepare a dark tooth for a crown by masking the color with an opaquer. Options for blocking out the dark color include:

  • Applying a composite buildup material over the natural tooth before placing the crown
  • Asking a master ceramist to add an opaque layer in feldspathic porcelain, lithium disilicate, or zirconia crown to hide the dark tooth. Zirconia and lithium disilicate may require a thin layer of feldspathic porcelain on the surface to look natural
  • Selecting e.max crowns, which have a lithium disilicate core, and applying feldspathic porcelain over the crown

Instead of choosing a crown type and asking a dentist to use it, look for an expert cosmetic dentist. Their advanced training will help them select a crown for your needs and conceal the dark took. Selecting the crown first without knowing a dentist’s credentials can yield unattractive crowns for your front teeth. Schedule consultations with two expert cosmetic dentists to discuss options for natural-looking results with crowns on front teeth.

Rocky Hill cosmetic dentist Dr. Thaddeus Michalski sponsors this post.

Before and after crowns front teeth photos from Dr. Michalski of Rocky Hill
Dr. Michalski used dental crowns and veneers to restore this patient’s smile. See his smile gallery for more smile makeovers.