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Rocky Hill Pediatric Dentist

General dentists like Dr. Michalski are trained to manage all your family’s typical dental needs, including those of children. Pediatric dentists receive specialized training after dental school to treat specialized dental problems for children and the handicapped. While Dr. Michalski isn’t a pediatric dentist, if your child has specialized needs that warrant the attention of a specialist, he will be happy to refer you to one.

Dr. Michalski loves treating children and is a father himself. He has a warm manner and understands the worries kids and teens have when they visit the dentist. He knows they need a patient listener who will make them feel secure. It’s an important part of building a healthy lifelong attitude toward oral healthcare.

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Pediatric Dentistry at Radiant Smiles of Rocky Hill

Dr. Michalski teaches kids how to care for their teeth and reinforces good oral hygiene every time they visit. First, he makes sure they’re brushing and flossing right. By the time they’re age 5, he encourages them to be doing it independently.

From the earliest visits, he will examine their teeth to ensure they are developing correctly. They’ll also get regular cleanings. It can be tough for kids to consistently brush the entire surface of each tooth—but if tartar and plaque aren’t removed, eventually cavities will develop. Our caring hygienists will gently remove this buildup to protect your child’s teeth.

Dental sealants seal off the most vulnerable parts of your child’s teeth from plaque. Sealant is nearly invisible and takes only minutes to apply, but it can give children’s teeth protection against decay for many years. Some children will also need fluoride treatments, depending on their risk of cavities.

If your child has tooth decay, Dr. Michalski will repair it painlessly. To fill cavities in baby teeth, he uses resin ionomer or composite. These materials preserve more of your child’s tooth than a metal amalgam filling. They’re also invisible, so your child’s beautiful smile will still be white. In addition, these fillings build up the strength of the damaged tooth to help it last longer.

Helping Kids Be Calm at the Dentist

It’s helpful if children see going to the dentist as part of their regular routine. Your child can start coming in for preventative care at three years old, once all of their baby molars have erupted. Coming in before they actually need treatment will help them develop a healthy attitude toward dental care.

Children tend to pick up on the attitude of adults around them. Treat your child’s first visit as no big deal, and that’s what they’ll expect. We make the office a tranquil place to be, both for kids and adults. Your child can enjoy an Apple TV and headphones to ensure they’re distracted and relaxed during the exam.

At Radiant Smiles of Rocky Hill, we treat kids and teens with warmth and respect, so they feel comfortable coming back for visits and cleanings for the rest of their lives. To make an appointment for your child with Dr. Michalski, call (860) 563-4544 or fill out our online form.

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