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Green Dentistry from Dr. Thaddeus Michalski

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In our first post, we talked about the comprehensive services you’ll find at our Rocky Hill dental office. Today we’d like to focus on another way we’re proving our commitment to great care: green dentistry. With green dentistry, we’re striving to provide excellent service while also considering our impact on the environment and how we can responsibly shrink it.

Green dentistry is an approach or a mindset more than a set of services we offer. For instance, we’ve incorporated a number of green materials into the building we use. We also use non-toxic materials to deliver care, ensuring your safety in addition to demonstrating a concern for nature.

Other green features of Dr. Michalski’s Rocky Hill dental office include:

  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling
  • Compact fluorescent lighting
  • Motion sensors
  • Low-flow faucets and toilets
  • Solar panels
  • Geothermal exchange

Do you want a healthy smile, but with a green twist? Look to Dr. Michalski for help. With our Rocky Hill office’s commitment to green dentistry, we’re providing responsible care that helps our patients and the environment alike.

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