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How Can I Find Affordable Implants for My Pop-Up Denture?

Posted by AllSmiles

I got a bum pop-up denture from a dental school. I won’t say which school it came from, but now I know I should never have gone the cheap route. The bottom denture pops up whenever I move my tongue, yawn, or cough. I press it back down, and it pops up again. I want to be furious, but I am disappointed with myself for choosing the school. I don’t have much money, but neither am I broke. A friend recommended his dentist, but I chose the dental school figuring the instructors were supervising and I could get a good deal. Now I need affordable implants to hold the denture down. Where do I start? – Thomas from NJ

Thomas – Thank you for your question. We are glad that you are seeking professional advice before getting dental implants. Please begin by avoiding looking for a bargain or the cheapest implants.

How Can You Get Affordable Implants for an Existing Denture?

You may find affordable implants for an existing denture by scheduling a consultation with a skilled implant dentist. The dentist will examine your denture to determine why it lifts and whether the dentist can fit it for implants. Depending on the condition and quality of your denture, a dentist may be able to refit it, or you may need a new denture.

Qualifying for dental implants

Diagram of lower-jaw dental implants with a denture hovering above themBefore placing dental implants, a qualified implant dentist will take a 3-D CT scan to see your oral anatomy and bone volume. If you have worn dentures for years, you may have some bone shrinkage. The dentist will determine whether you have enough bone volume or need a bone graft to support the implants. You will get a customized treatment plan to ensure the dentist places your implants precisely and the dentures fit the implants securely.

Getting Dental Implants that Fit Your Denture

After implant surgery, you will wear temporary replacement teeth. In three to four months, your jawbone and implants will fuse. Your implant dentist will take impressions of your mouth to ensure your existing or new denture fits your implants securely.

Expect to pay well for high-quality dentures and implants. Thorough, well-planned implant-supported dentures take time and skill. With patience and a good implant dentist, your frustration will change to satisfaction when you receive a stable, natural-looking smile.

Schedule a consultation with one or two advanced implant dentists to discuss your options and how to make treatment affordable.

Dr. Thaddeus Michalski, a Rocky Hill, Connecticut dentist and Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologist, sponsors this post.