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Is Zirconia Crown Dust from Bite Adjustments Causing My Hives?

Posted by AllSmiles

My dentist is ruining my zirconia crowns while trying to correct my occlusion. He has ground down all ten new crowns. After multiple adjustments, my lips and gums broke out in hives. Is the debris from shaving my crowns irritating my mouth? I got the crowns last August, but my bite is still off. If I am experiencing sensitivity from the crowns, I dread the thought that I will need to start all over with new crowns. Could the zirconia power be causing a reaction? – Thanks. Crandall from MO



Grinding down tough new zirconia crowns is challenging and can cause discomfort while sitting in a dental chair.

Can Zirconia Crown Dust Cause a Reaction?

Two dental crowns for molar teethAlthough you could have a reaction to zirconia dust from your dentist grinding on the crowns, the particles would clear your system and the reaction should resolve. Although we have no confirmed cases of reactions to zirconia, it is not impossible that some people are sensitive to it. However, if you have a zirconia sensitivity, you would have experienced it before your dentist’s attempts to adjust your bite.

The hives you describe seem to be a reaction to stressful dental experiences. Stressful events, including stressful dental experiences, can trigger burning mouth syndrome.

Get a Second Opinion for Your Bite Adjustment

When your bite is off with dental crowns and your dentist cannot adjust it, your jaw muscles spasm. You can develop earaches, headaches, neck pain, or other symptoms related to TMJ disorder. We recommend getting a second opinion and an exam from a dentist with post-graduate occlusion and bite training.  This advanced training is not taught in the standard dental curriculum.

Look for a dentist with training for one of these institutes:

  • The L.D. Pankey Institute in Florida
  • The Dawson Academy in Florida
  • Spear Education in Arizona
  • The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in Nevada


Once your bite is harmonious, the related discomfort will improve. The irritating hives may diminish with less stress during dental appointments. Meanwhile, if you feel anxious about additional dental procedures, you can ask your new dentist about sedation options.

Dr. Thaddeus Michalski, a Rocky Hill, Connecticut dentist sponsors this post.