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What’s the Solution for My Jaw Stiffness and Weird Smile?

Posted by AllSmiles

Woman holding the side of her face portraying jaw stiffness and TMJ problemsWhat’s the solution for my jaw stiffness and weird smile? My upper teeth don’t show when I smile unless I force my lips up. I am very self-conscious about it. I don’t know if my jaw, teeth, or lips are unbalanced because I have jaw pain even throughout the day. I wear a nightguard, which makes my mouth and lips feel better, but I can’t wear it all day. P and T words are particularly difficult to pronounce during cold weather because my jaw seems tight, and I can open it enough to enunciate. Is this something dental veneers would, correct? Are they my only option? – Thank you. Iris from Long Island


Please find another dentist if your current one recommends porcelain veneers to resolve your concerns. Although porcelain veneers might improve your smile, they could worsen your jaw pain and pronunciation problems.

It sounds like your teeth are worn, resulting in an overclosed bite. This could cause jaw pain, tightness, and other symptoms related to TMJ disorder. Feeling better when you wear a nightguard further indicates that you might have an overclosed bite. However, a dentist trained in TMJ diagnosis and training can confirm it.

What’s the Treatment for an Overclosed Bite?

Instead of porcelain veneers to correct an overclosed bite, a dentist with advanced TMJ training will probably recommend full-mouth reconstruction. A skilled dentist may recommend combining treatments, such as dental crowns or implants.

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Finding a dentist with adequate training and experience can be tricky, so look for dentists with advanced training from one of these institutes:

  • The Pankey Institute in Florida
  • The Dawson Academy, also in Florida
  • The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies

If you find more than one dentist with the desired training, you can schedule consultations with at least two dentists to compare your options.

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