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Answers from the Sedation Dentist in Rocky Hill

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The sedation dentist in Rocky Hills offers answers to your questions.There are circumstances that demand your undivided attention and wakefulness, like driving. (Free advice: Don’t text and drive!) Other times, you might be better off more relaxed and unaware, such as when you are having a lengthy dental appointment or treatment that is invasive. In these instances, your sedation dentist in Rocky Hill can give you a prescription for a mild sedative to calm your nerves and make you blissfully unaware while he completes necessary dental procedures. But before you swallow that pill, Dr. Michalski would like to answer a few common questions about sedation dentistry.

Dr. Michalski, Will I Feel Pain?

No you won’t. You will not feel any discomfort at all during your treatment. Along with sedation we also use a local anesthetic when necessary. And if you’re one of those patients who have difficulty getting numb, we find that people are more responsive to the anesthetic when they are sedated.

Will I be Asleep?

Not exactly. You may feel as if you’ve slept through your appointment, but you’ll actually be in what we call twilight. I’ll give you enough sedation so that you’re very relaxed but still awake enough to talk to me during your treatment.

Will I Remember What Happened?

Probably not. Oral conscious sedation tends to have an amnesiac effect on people.

What Will I Feel Like After My Appointment?

You may feel a bit groggy. That’s why we insist that than an adult relative or friend to drive you to our office, remain here during your treatment and take you back home. If they can keep you company for a few hours while you recover, that’s a good idea, too.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Me?

Absolutely, and we’ll make sure. We’ll take your medical history, so we know how you’ve handled sedation in the past. And your condition is monitored throughout your treatment. Someone will always be with you.

Are There Any Side Effects to the Sedative?

Only a couple and they’re unlikely. You may get the hiccups after swallowing the pill, but they’ll only last for a few minutes. And some people experience dry mouth, but that should go away quickly.

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If you have any additional questions about sedation dentistry, please don’t hesitate to ask. Call our office and a member of the team can help you, or we can schedule an appointment and plan for sedation dentistry.