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Want Great Looking Teeth? See Us Twice This Year

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rocky hill nc dentistIt’s not hard to maintain healthy, great looking teeth. It begins with excellent care at home, brushing for two minutes, twice a day and flossing daily — but that’s not enough. There’s a reason we stress the importance of twice-annual dental checkups and cleanings! To ensure your oral health stays strong this year and for many more to come, schedule a visit with Dr. Michalski, your Rocky Hill, NC dentist, every six months.

Six Month Visits Mandatory for Good Oral Health

Many of our patients believe that twice-annual checkups aren’t really all that necessary for healthy teeth. After all, if you’re not having any pain, there’s no problem, right? No, not at all — and waiting until you feel a problem to call the dentist is a bad cycle too many adults fall into. When you stay on top of your six month checkups and cleanings with Dr. Michalski, you’re giving a team of professionals the chance to check for the small signs of larger problems, allowing us to conservatively solve the problem — at less discomfort, expense and time for you.

At your six month checkup and cleaning, we’ll perform the following preventive tasks to ensure your oral health is as good as can be.

#1: Remove Plaque and Tartar

The quest for healthy teeth is a continual battle against plaque, the substance that’s constantly forming on your enamel and around the gums. When it’s not removed properly, plaque turns into tartar — the hard, yellow substance that causes decay and infection. At your six month checkup, our dental team will remove plaque and tartar to give you the clean, smooth feeling that signals healthy teeth.

#2: Check for Decay and Infection

Of course, one of the biggest goals of a six month checkup is to look for evidence of cavities or gum infection. Dr. Michalski uses digital x-rays and other advanced technology to get the most accurate picture of your mouth, so we’ve got all the information necessary to provide you with the excellent care you deserve.

#3: Watch Out for Worn Dental Work

We also make sure to check any existing dental work for problems. After many years, crowns, fillings and other restorative devices may show signs of wear — but when caught early, repair is usually quick and painless.

#4: Patient Education

During your checkup and cleaning, we will also evaluate your oral hygiene habits and provide advice as needed to help you maintain the ultimate in oral health. We can also talk to you about our options in cosmetic dentistry if you’re interested — and patients who suffer from dental fear or anxiety can always benefit from learning about how sedation dentistry can help them relax through their next dental treatment.

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