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Lidocaine Doesn’t Work and My Dental Implant Failed

Posted by AllSmiles

My upper right first premolar cracked last month. My dentist said he couldn’t save the tooth, so he scheduled an appointment for an extraction and implant. Before and during the extraction, my dentist gave me six lidocaine shote. My palate and tongue burned. My dentist placed an implant right after removing the tooth. When I returned for a checkup the following week, I told the dentist about my burning palate and tongue, so he prescribed a mouth rinse. I had a four-month monthly checkup before my dentist said the bone was ready for my final crown. My mouth burned for all that time despite the mouth rinse. My dentist exposed the implant, and we waited a few more weeks for him to take impressions for my final crown. I thought I would be good to go when the crown arrived, and maybe all the burning could calm down.

I can’t explain the extent of my discomfort when the dentist tried to screw the crown onto the implants. This appointment was another round of six lidocaine shots. Finally, he got the crown on, but my bite felt off. Because of my stress, we scheduled two more appointments to correct my bite. It felt okay but not great before I went on vacation in late July. While on vacation, the crown fell off. I was so embarrassed to go to a dentist in Michigan. I found a competent dentist who has been placing implants for 20 years and is a co-instructor at dental implant classes for other dentists. What a relief. I wish I could go back to Michigan for care. Anyway, that dentist told me to see my local dentist right away. My dentist admitted that the implant failed and that he needed to remove it. I have no implant, just a missing tooth, and a burning tongue and palate. I told my dentist I wanted a refund, and he agreed but asked me to let him redo the work. He said that he now understands what went wrong. Why couldn’t he know before it went wrong? Anyway, I’m going to get a second opinion in two weeks. Any suggestions before my appointment? Thanks. Sandeep from PA



We are sorry you’ve had such stressful dental experiences with the local anesthetic and dental implant failure. We will offer suggestions to help you get needed care.

What If Lidocaine at the Dentist Doesn’t Work?

If lidocaine at the dentist doesn’t work for you, resistance to local anesthesia or high anxiety levels can prevent a dentist from numbing the area. Talk to your dentist about sedation options to help you relax before your appointment. Sedation can also dull your pain sensitivity.

What Can You Do About Dental Implant Failure?

Model of a tooth implant in the gums and bone with natural teeth on either side.
Get a second opinion if you have experienced dental implant failure.

When a dental implant has failed, we recommend getting a second opinion from a skilled implant dentist. Look for a provider with post-graduate training in implantology. The dentist will need a 3D CT scan to help determine the cause of implant failure. Perhaps you need bone grafting to build up your jawbone, allowing it to support a dental implant.

If a dentist forced your temporary crown on the implant, the force may have contributed to dental implant failure. If your dentist continues cooperating, you can request a refund.

Although the cause of burning mouth syndrome is unknown, many incidents relate to dental trauma. When you find a gentle dentist who may use sedation to relax you during your visit, your burning mouth will likely calm down. Otherwise, speak with your new dentist about your concerns.


Rocky Hill, Connecticut, cosmetic dentist Dr. Thaddeus Michalski sponsors this post.