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Give yourself the gift of a Rocky Hill smile makeover

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Rocky Hill smile makeoverDoes your smile look tired and old? Refresh it for the holidays with a Rocky Hill smile makeover by cosmetic dentist, Thaddeus S. Michalski DMD.

Holiday events are fast approaching, and you worry about the appearance of your smile. Your teeth and gums are healthy, but what about those tobacco stains and chips? A Rocky Hill smile makeover from Thaddeus S. Michalski DMD can change your dull smile to bright and dazzling in just a few short visits.

Dr. Michalski has a passion for creating healthy, attractive smiles

Rocky Hill cosmetic dentist, Dr. Thaddeus Michalski, understands how important the appearance of your smile is to your well-being. People hide their teeth in public because of:

  • heavy staining due to food and beverage choices, root canal therapy, aging, smoking and prescription drugs
  • chips and cracks
  • uneven tooth and gum length
  • oddly shaped teeth
  • spacing problems such as gaps and overcrowding
  • missing teeth
  • numerous metal fillings

So, the dentist and his team offer a list of dental services aimed at at healthful restoration of teeth and gums and cosmetic makeovers that enhance the beauty of smiles.

Long-term cosmetic/restorative services

Dr. Michalski has extensive training in modern diagnostics and dental techniques. Among other credentials, he has attended the prestigious Misch Implant Institute and the Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study. This unique insight into restorative and cosmetic dentistry allows Dr. Michalski to properly examine, diagnose and treat patients for whatever dental needs they have–from simple exams and cleanings to teeth whitening to complex dental implants.

For instance, Dr. MIchalski delivers:

  • dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth
  • gum disease treatment to debride infected gums
  • root canal therapy to remove diseased tooth pulp and strengthen tooth structure
  • tooth-colored fillings for metal free restoration of decay
  • crowns to cover remaining healthy tooth structure
  • orthodontic correction using Invisalign clear aligners to straighten smiles comfortably, invisibly and in less time than traditional braces

For the right patients, he designs and places Prettau bridges. An inventive kind of fixed bridgework to replace multiple teeth, a Prettau bridge features strong and beautiful zirconia. This material is renowned for durability and outstanding aesthetics. Dr. Michalski supports the Prettau bridge with a series of titanium dental implants, giving patients smiles that fit, function and feel like natural teeth.

For quicker smile makeovers

Many patients come to Dr. Michalski for simpler cosmetic fixes. So, he delivers at-home teeth whitening, one of the safest and most budget-conscious ways to affect a dramatic smile change. The whitening process involves a simple exam by Dr. Michalski and the creation of custom-fitted trays for use at home. The patient fills the trays with bleaching gel and wears them for the prescribed time daily. At the end of the whitening treatment, teeth are brighter by as much as 8shades, and the effect lasts indefinitely with good oral hygiene and occasional touch-ups.

Dr. Michalski may also recommend cosmetic resin bonding to fill small gaps and chips with tooth-colored acrylic/glass material in just one visit. Gum contouring to eliminate the embarrassment of “gummy” smiles reveals more natural tooth structure.

Lastly, custom-created porcelain veneers are super-thin shells of beautiful dental-grade ceramic. They cover one or more teeth marred by discolorations, chips and gaps in just 2 visits.

There’s time to change your smile

Don’t wait for a new smile. Gift yourself with a Rocky Hill smile makeover. Contact the office for an appointment.