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Flossing Your Teeth Is Easy If You Do It Right

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Many people don’t really think much of flossing these days. They often believe that brushing alone will keep their mouths healthy, but this isn’t true. Brushing helps keep oral health in good standing, but it can’t do the job alone. Flossing is just as vital as brushing. It helps keep the spaces between your teeth free of harmful bacteria, food particles and more. When a patient chooses not to floss their teeth, they’re practically inviting bacteria to multiply and throw a party in your mouth. Flossing helps break up this party for good and keeps those hard-to-reach areas for toothbrushes clean.

There’s no need to feel embarrassed if you’re unsure of the proper way to floss your teeth. It’s never too late to learn, and now is a great time. True, you won’t experience a disease overnight if you don’t floss your teeth, but if it becomes habit then you will end up with a dental problem on your hands. Our Rocky Hill, CT office has plenty of additional dental services that can help keep your oral health operating at maximum efficiency. Dr. Michalski is the dentist Rocky Hill, CT residents can trust to keep their oral health in excellent standing.

Why Is It So Important To Floss Correctly?

Let’s begin with why you should floss in the first place. Food is delicious when it’s freshly prepared – it’s not so delicious when some of those same food particles become lodged between your teeth. It can lead to many problems including bad breath. Nobody wants to have a bad-breath problem. It isn’t just bad breath you need to worry about. Below are a few dental problems associated with not flossing:

  • Cavity development
  • Gingivitis
  • Loss of teeth
  • Infection

These are all easily avoidable if you take the time to floss. If you’re unsure of the right way to floss, we can help!

The Proper Way to Floss

Flossing should last for at least a couple minutes. If you have a hard time sticking with time, we’d recommend flossing along to your favorite song or popping on your favorite T.V. program. Anything less than two minutes and you’re not doing your oral health any favors. It’s imperative that each tooth receive a proper cleaning from flossing.

  1. Tear off 18 inches of floss.
  2. Wrap each end around your middle finger.
  3. Use your thumb to hold the floss in place.
  4. Leave roughly a 1-inch space between your thumb and finger.
  5. Glide floss gently between your upper and lower teeth.
  6. Once you get to the gumline, curve the floss into a “C” shape.
  7. Move the floss up and down on each tooth.
  8. Repeat for the lower teeth.

By following these eight simple steps, you can help keep your oral health in great shape. Good dental hygiene habits start and end with you. There is only so much we can do when you visit our office, the rest is up to you.

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