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Causes and prevention of Rocky Hill, CT gum disease

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Rocky Hill, NC gum disease affects almost half of American adults. Learn its causes and how to prevent it from Thaddeus S. Michalski DMD.

Cavity prevention is not the only reason to take care of your teeth. Gum disease in Rocky Hill, CT and across the country threatens the oral and systemic health of children and adults. The reasons for it are many,  but prevention is simple, says Dr. Thaddeus S. Michalski.

Why people get gum disease

Gum disease–from mild gingivitis to serious and destructive periodontitis–has its origin in something called biofilm. Biofilm is sticky plaque and rock-like tartar, or calculus, which forms on teeth and beneath the gums when carbohydrate-rich food residues remain in the mouth. Good daily brushing and flossing helps remove plaque before it hardens into tartar, and 6-month cleanings with your dental hygienist remove what at-home hygiene misses.

When people neglect at-home and professional dental hygiene, plaque, and its associated bacteria, damage soft gum tissue. Smoking, a poor diet and some health conditions, such as diabetes, escalate the problem. Unfortunately, some individuals simply have a hereditary tendency toward periodontal disease. So, their oral health needs extra care and supervision.

What Rocky Hill, CT gum disease looks like

Many times, patients notice no symptoms of gum disease at all. Others see some bleeding when they brush or feel some gum soreness. Depending on the severity of the condition, dental hygienists and dentists find:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Gum recession
  • Bad breath
  • “Long-tooth” appearance
  • Pus at the gum line
  • Tooth loosening
  • Gum recession
  • Bone loss
  • Tooth loss

Additionally, the American Academy of Periodontology, professionals expert in gum disease treatment, says that gum disease correlates with serious systemic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, hypertension, dementia and even some forms of cancer. As such, gum disease is nothing to take lightly.

Prevention of Rocky Hill, CT gum disease

While Dr. Michalski and other dental professionals treat gum disease with scaling and root planing, antibiotics, laser surgery and other techniques, the best treatment is prevention. Dr. Michalski and his team recommend these steps to healthy gum tissue:

  1. Brush and floss twice a day to remove plaque. Use an anti-plaque rinse if recommended by Dr. Michalski. Take extra care around restorations such as dental crowns and bridgework and implants, too.
  2. Drink plenty of water to keep teeth and gums clean. Water helps with saliva production, too, one of Nature’s best defenses against oral bacteria.
  3. Eat a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, high grain breads, lean proteins and calcium-rich dairy products.
  4. Don’t smoke as the poisons in cigarettes encourage bacterial growth. The heat of cigarette smoke actually burns oral mucosa, too, degrading its top layer.
  5. Come to Dr. Michalski’s office every 6 months for your prophylactic exam and cleaning. Patients who struggle with gum issues may come more frequently to keep periodontal disease under control.

Keep your gums healthy

Don’t put off gum care any longer. Get a thorough oral health evaluation with Thaddeus S. Michalski DMD soon. Your smile and overall health will thank you for it. Contact the office for a consultation.