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Advanced general and cosmetic dentistry
delivered with complete comfort.
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Comfort and Technology

We use contemporary techniques, tools, and procedures to provide you with precise, comfortable treatment and a better understanding of your dental health. We want you to feel good about coming to our practice. With our use of advanced technology and patient comfort, we are positivea smiling woman your visit will be both relaxing and informative.


Patient education is paramount to successful dentistry, so Dr. Michalski has chosen CAESY, a trusted name in patient education, to help explain complex treatments in an interactive, easy-to-understand format. For your safety, our dental office maintains state-of-the-art sterilization and infection control, and we implement green dentistry, which emphasizes modern, mercury-free materials and enhances the overall dental experience. If you have any questions about our technology, don’t hesitate to call our Rocky Hill, Connecticut dental office. We’re excited about the latest advances in dental care and eager to share their benefits with you.


During your treatment, get comfortable with a warm blanket and soft pillow. Watch your favorite DVD or listen to music on our wireless headphone system. You’re welcome to bring your own music or video, or select one from our entertainment library. For patients who need a little help relaxing, we offer mild, moderate, and deep levels of sedation. Dr. Michalski will recommend the appropriate method of relaxation according to your unique needs and preferences.