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Our Dental Office in Rocky Hill

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Structural design, construction, and maintenance of buildings significantly impacts our environment and natural resources. Traditionally, buildings practices often overlook the interrelationships between a building, its components, its surroundings and its occupants. Through rigorous planning and careful construction, we created a high-performance, eco-friendly facility that uses a minimum of nonrenewable energy, produces minimal pollution, and has significant energy savings, while increasing the comfort, health, and safety of the people who visit and work here. Designed to safeguard the health of occupants and visitors alike, our new office includes measures that are beneficial to our patients, staff, and community through:


  • Our specially designed, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems provide the cleanest air possible with a fresh-air exchange feature and CO2 sensors.
  • Low or no-VOC materials were used for all paints, floor finishes, and adhesives, ensuring that their chemical and particle emissions exceed acceptable indoor air quality standards.the front desk at Radiant Smiles of Rocky Hill


  • Our digital x-ray units eliminate the need for film processing with toxic chemicals, while exposing patients to up to 90% less radiation than a standard x-ray system.
  • Our housekeeping staff uses biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products.


  • Our office utilizes highly efficient, compact fluorescent lighting and occupancy sensors/motion detector switches for energy savings.
  • Electronic timer systems have been installed to turn outside lighting on and off, and adjusting the heating and cooling system for the office’s hours.
  • We have installed low-flow faucets and toilets as well as energy star appliances throughout the office. Our dry vacuum suction system is a newer dental technology that uses no water – a huge savings compared to a traditional vacuum system that consumes approximately a gallon every minute of the typical 8 hour work day.

the solar array at Radiant Smiles of Rocky Hill


  • Our 48 photovoltaic solar panels harness the sun’s energy which is then converted to provide most of our office’s electrical power. This 10 kilowatt array produces over 50% of the electricity we need, and on days our office is closed, actually generates power that is returned to our energy provider, CL&P. Nestled in the backyard of our office is the source of most of the power we consume, our 10.1 kilowatt photovoltaic solar array.
  • Heat and air conditioning for our state-of-the-art office is provided entirely by an incredible technology called geothermal exchange. This system uses heat pumps which cycle water through three-220 foot wells located directly behind our facility to capture the steady temperature of the ground and use it to provide heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.
  • The hot water we use in the office is mainly provided by heat given off from the geothermal pumps. This is a very efficient way to harness this energy source.
our green office

outside our green office

Outside the treatment rooms at the rear of our Rocky Hill dental office, are the three 220-foot deep vertical wells, the basis of our geothermal system.