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Why Are My Gums Peeling Around New Dental Crowns?

Posted by AllSmiles

I’ve had six upper dental crowns on my front teeth since July 2021. The crowns for my left front tooth and the one behind it irritate my gums. My gums around the crowns swell and peel. Also, when I floss between the crowns, my gums bleed.

Although I asked the dental office for an alloy certificate, they gave me a document that says the crowns are GC LiSi Press, which I looked up online. The crowns are lithium disilicate, so I guess the problem may not be a metal allergy. I have not had metal allergies in the past, anyway. My concern is that the crowns are new. Something about them is unhealthy if my gums are irritated. What can I anticipate with my dentist? His treatment options seem a little pushy, so this time, I am expecting him to recommend dental implants to avoid future problems. – Thank you. Bethany from Virginia Beach, VA



Although Dr. Michalski would need to examine your gums and crowns, we will provide information on lithium disilicate crowns and sensitivities.

What Causes Peeling Gums and Irritation Around Crowns?

Peeling gums, bleeding, and irritation around crowns with a metal foundation can be an allergic reaction. If you have non-metal dental crowns, gum irritation may be related to food particles caught between your gums or a functional problem with the crowns.

Two ceramic dental crowns
Irritation around dental crowns doesn’t mean you need extractions and dental implants instead

The next time you floss your teeth, pay attention to whether anything seems to catch the floss or prevent it from moving freely. If you feel a ledge snagging the floss, your dentist must correct the overhand on the crowns.

It is unlikely that the concerns you describe are problems with your tooth structure or health that require removing your teeth and replacing them with dental implants.

What Are GC LiSi Press Crowns?

GC LiSi Press crowns are metal-free, high-density lithium disilicate. We are unaware of lithium disilicate allergies, but we cannot say that it is impossible to be allergic to the material. Still, if you were allergic to lithium disilicate, you would react to all the crowns, not just two.

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