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Holiday Health Tips for Your Kids from a Family Dentist in Rocky Hill

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Family smiling together.With holiday season rapidly approaching, are you ready for the dramatic increase in tempting sweets and treats for your kids? The holidays are a time of joy and indulgence, but there are some steps you can take as a parent to keep your kids’ teeth healthy during this season of sugar. Keep reading to discover some easy ways you can protect your children’s teeth this holiday season from your family dentist in Rocky Hill.

Keep Your Kids’ Toothbrush and Floss on You

This time of year, families all over are running around shopping, seeing friends, and of course, eating. Routine brushing and flossing can save your child’s smile, but it’s hard to stay on top of their oral health routine with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

That’s why you should always keep a spare toothbrush and floss, so when your kids decide to take a bite of that candy apple or cookie, you’ll be prepared to clean the sugar off of their teeth.

Turn Brushing into a Party

Sometimes, getting kids to brush their teeth can be a real chore. That’s because they don’t see brushing as a fun activity. You can turn brushing into a party by playing their favorite song and cleaning your teeth with them! Dance along and show them that you like cleaning your teeth too. It will make all the difference.

Be Picky If It’s Sticky

Hard and sticky candies found commonly around this time of year are some of the worst sweets your loved ones can eat. These candies stick and stay in your mouth for long periods of time, causing the sugar to coat their teeth. Sugar turns to acid, which eats away at tooth enamel.

If your child happens to get into some sticky or hard candy, hopefully you’ll have a toothbrush and toothpaste at the ready to clean off that cavity-causing sugar.

Watch What Your Child Drinks

Sodas and other sugary beverages cause cavities and tooth decay. With all of the sweets and treats during this season, try to have your kids drink only water. Most water contains fluoride, a natural cavity-fighting mineral that will protect their teeth. Also, if you find yourself without a toothbrush, the next best thing is to have your child drink some water because it can wash away bacteria and acids in their mouth.

After the holiday chaos has settled down, be sure to bring your children in to your family dentist to get their teeth checked out. A checkup and cleaning will ensure that your loved ones’ oral health is in tip-top shape. Until then, use these tips to keep your children’s teeth healthy for the holidays.

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